The release 3.0.60 is available…

This new revision fixes a problem with dialog boxes that appear blank with Intel HD Graphics processors.
It also fixes some minor defects in the interface.

New landscapes can be downloaded from the “modules” dialog box, for example:

Check the “modules” menu regularly to see the new features…

If you have version 3.0.59, the program may freeze at startup… Please update it using the MaintenanceTool tool which is available in the directory (c:\Program files\WinStars3). Thank you.

3d High poly model of the Hubble space telescope

With the resolution of the problem concerning the application of textures on 3D objects, WinStars will gradually be enriched with more detailed versions of the probes and satellites visible in the program. And to start, here is Hubble represented with 670000 polynomials (big-hubble module).

Texture mapping and fish eye

This new version 3.058 fixes a problem that sometimes appears with OpenGL. The textures are applied on a flat surface with an annoying perspective effect. This could be seen in the program by displaying the constellations or by approaching a probe.

(The images on the left come from the 3.0.57 version, before the correction. The texture mapping is correct on the right.)


This version also corrects the aspect of the sky with the minimum zoom value, the representation of the stars is now more realistic.