• Visualise the sky as it was 500 years ago or as it will be in 10,000 years!
    Discover the names of the main stars or locate the constellations by moving your mobile. WinStars will help you to identify the objects you are pointing at.
  • Are you looking for an object? Just type its name and let the software guide you.
  • Is Messier 31 observable tonight? Simply click on the galaxy and display its identity sheet. You will find details on its visibility (rise and set times).
  • If you have a motorized telescope, you can follow a celestial object by simply clicking on it (ASCOM interfaces for Windows and INDI interfaces for Linux and macOS).
  • The software includes a huge database of billions of objects.
  • Each object has a detailed card which is updated in real time (distances, right ascension, declination, azimuth, altitude and magnitude).
  • It is possible to follow the trajectory of all the satellites in orbit around the Earth and anticipate, for example, the passage of the International Space Station (ISS) over your head.
  • Represents with precision the position of the main satellites of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. All you need to do is zooming in sufficiently on the main planet.
  • Also calculates the position of hundreds of thousands of additional objects in our solar system (comets and asteroids).
  • Follow the planetary missions and found out where the Voyager 2 probe is currently located (and enjoy the view over our planetary system !).
  • Indicates the significant astronomical phenomenons visible from your observation location.
  • Plots the celestial equator, the ecliptic, the azimuthal and equatorial coordinate grids.
  • Represents the orbits of the planets in 3D.
  • Night mode allowing you to watch the screen in the dark without being dazzled.
  • Easy installation of additional modules.
  • Automated software updates.
  • Customisable landscapes.
  • Available languages: bulgarian, english, french, german, russian, spanish

The free version offers most of the functions available, but the acquisition of a licence provides an additional enhancement to the software:

  • Add the Gaia DR2 catalogue containing 1.7 billion stars… up to the magnitude 22 ! (internet connection required).
  • Explore the stars close to our Sun.
  • Leave the Milky Way and visit other galaxies. Discover the large-scale structures of our Universe.
  • Planetary rendering surfaces in 3D with improved textures.
  • Displays the DSS (Digitized Sky Survey) digitized sky in various wavelengths.
  • Add interplanetary missions.

WinStars is in constant evolution. Do you have a suggestion or have you found an error ?
Send me a message to franck.richard@winstars.net
Errors are often corrected in the hour!