3.0.8 alpha is now available

In this version, a huge memory leak has been fixed in the menu system. The new texture of Pluto is coming from New Horizons data, based on the  published Pluto map by NASA.

With this revision, WinStars 3 can run now on macOS and Ubuntu based OS.


The alpha release for Windows and Android is available for testing !

Hi !

The first Alpha release of WinStars 3.0 is now available for testing.

You can find the android package by searching for “WinStars lite” in the Google Play store. Before taking part in the tests, it is necessary to send an empty message to alpha-en-join@vps254960.ovh.net 

The installer for Windows is available at the following address : https://winstars.net/files/version3/winstars_installer.exe

What is an Alpha test?
Alpha stage software is generally functional but many features are either missing or incomplete. The focus of alpha testing is on reducing or eliminating bugs before the application is released publicly, and often involves hands-on testing by selected end-users.