Release 3.0.72 (2019/03/07):

version x64 (Windows 10 only)

version x86 (compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 & 10)

If you want to update an existing installation of WinStars3, please use the Maintenance Tool located in the main WinStars3 folder (typically c:\program files\winstars3).


You can now download the release version on the Google Play store :

macOS X

on App Store :


Coming soon…

Ubuntu 18.10 x64

Release 3.0.68 (2019/02/14):

How To Install Winstars3 on Ubuntu ?
– Download  the installation file
– Open a terminal window and type :
   chmod +x winstars_installer.bin
– and type the next command:
– If you want to update the program or uninstall it, please type:


Older version

WinStars 2 is now available to all, free of charge! This zip file contains the base module, as well as additional modules and the serial to unlock all of the applications