Find a place into the Univers

WinStars 3 is a planetarium for almost any platform. Employing 3D technology to display our solar system in a realistic manner, users may tour the planets, follow a space probe on its long voyage, or observe a celestial event from a distant world, as well as receiving the latest astrophysical news from a live feed.

Updates add new features and functionality, transforming it into an advanced educational tool for discovering our Universe.

Alpha version of WinStars 3

If you wish to test the alpha version, please send a empty message to the following address:

You will receive an email with the procedure to follow.


What is an Alpha test?
Alpha stage software is generally functional but many features are either missing or incomplete. The focus of alpha testing is on reducing or eliminating bugs before the application is released publicly, and often involves hands-on testing by selected end-users.


WinStars 2 available for free !

WinStars 2 is free! WinStars 2 is now available to all, free of charge! This zip file contains the base module, as well as additional modules and the serial to unlock all of the applications