Find a place in the Universe

WinStars 3 is a planetarium for almost any platform. Employing 3D technology to display our solar system in a realistic manner, users may tour the planets, follow a space probe on its long voyage, or observe a celestial event from a distant world, as well as receiving the latest astrophysical news from a live feed.

Updates add new features and functionality, transforming it into an advanced educational tool for discovering our Universe.


Tessellation in WinStars

With version 3.0.118, WinStars uses tessellation to improve the rendering of planetary surfaces. This technique, introduced with the OpenGL 4.0 standard, adds a large number of triangles to an object to make its 3D appearance more complex. Previously, WinStars simulated the relief of a planet by playing with shadows and illusory perspectives. The textures modified …



Release 3.0.127 (2020/03/25):

version x64 (Windows 10 only)

version x86 (compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 & 10)

If you want to update an existing installation of WinStars3, please use the Maintenance Tool located in the main WinStars3 folder (typically c:\program files\winstars3).


You can now download the release version on the Google Play store :

macOS X

on App Store :


Coming soon…

Ubuntu 19.10 x64

Release 3.0.126 (2020/03/16):

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