Gratuity, social networks and latest changes – WinStars 3

Gratuity, social networks and latest changes

A few important changes in recent weeks: the software is now completely free of charge and is moving definitively to Qt 6.X.
It is enriched with new features and integrates the Chromium browser, which improves the visualization of pages written in html (this only concerns the “Info” section for the moment). I rechecked the accuracy of the calculations for an imminent asteroid observation mission at the Pic du Midi observatory. During these checks, I could see that W3 is much faster and easier to use than more popular tools. Sorry for the lack of objectivity 😉

I’m continuing to develop it, even if its audience remains very modest. I’ve renounced to use X (twitter) which is becoming a cloaca more and more disgusting. I opened an account on Mastodon but without much conviction. I’ve never been particularly passionate by social networks.