March 2019 – WinStars 3

Changes regarding the Android version of WinStars

On March 7, Google suspended WinStars for non-compliance with the program update method. Indeed, Google requires developers to use two files to download data and update applications.

I had chosen to keep the update method developed for the desktop version, which is less expensive in terms of download volume, which seemed to me to be a good idea for a mobile version.

Also, if you want to continue using the Android version of WinStars, you must uninstall the program and reinstall the application using this pack:

The release 3.0.72 is available…

With the latest revision (3.0.72), the program has new features to improve the management of artificial satellites, and a dialog box now allows you to select the satellites that you want to display in WinStars.

The result in the “3D navigation” mode:

The transit of satellites is also visible in the planetarium mode:

The program also calculates when a satellite exits the shadow of the Earth (here, the ISS).

Finally, the Moon is displayed in high resolution with the names of the geological formations when zooming in from the planetarium mode.