March 2019 – WinStars 3

Changes for the Android version

On March 7th, Google suspended WinStars due to non-compliance with the program’s update method. Indeed, Google requires developers to use two files to download data and update applications.

I had chosen to keep the update method developed for the desktop version, which consumes less download volume, which seemed beneficial for a mobile version.

Therefore, if you wish to continue using the Android version of WinStars, you must uninstall the program and reinstall the application using this package:

New version 3.072 online

With the latest update (3.072), the program now features new functionalities that improve the management of artificial satellites.

A dialog box now allows users to choose the satellites to display in WinStars.

And here is the result in the “3D navigation” mode:

The transit of satellites is also visible in the planetarium mode:

The program also calculates when a satellite exits Earth’s shadow (here, the ISS).

Finally, the Moon is displayed in high resolution with the names of geological formations when zooming in on it from the planetarium mode.