January 2023 – WinStars 3

Try the next version of WinStars built with Qt 6

WinStars 3 is currently based on the Qt 5 software library, which allows for compatibility with all platforms, among other features. However, this Qt 5 version is now becoming obsolete, and it’s time to switch to the latest available version. This transition will help reduce incompatibilities with the most recent operating systems and introduce new features to the program.

Since this is a major update, it is likely that numerous issues will arise during this transition. That’s why I have decided to offer a beta version for in-depth testing.

If you’re interested, you can try out this test version for Windows by clicking on the following link:


Or find a beta version compatible with arm68-v8a processors running on Android:


If you encounter any errors, it’s crucial to report them to me. You can use the forum or send a message to the following address: support@winstars.net

Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance!