3D navigation mode

The 3D navigation mode allows you to travel freely in the solar system, in our galaxy and in galaxy clusters. Objects are accurately placed and represented. The faces, textures and orientations of the objects are also in conformity with the reality. These calculations are based on the date and time displayed in the status bar.

You can rotate around an object by holding down the right mouse button and moving to the right, left, up or down. The wheel changes the distance between the object and the observer. These actions are only possible if you have previously locked an object.

A long press on the left mouse button changes the direction of the camera when moving the mouse. Finally, the central button of the mouse changes the inclination of the camera.

Moving from an object to another one

By double left-clicking on an object, a context menu is displayed.

By choosing the “lock on object” option, the observer then moves in his direction. We can move towards an object in the solar system, a satellite, a star or a galaxy.

To unlock an object, simply click on the ESC key.